We all need a little help sometimes, and Lexi is here to help you learn. With years of development, trials and testing, we believe that language learning is not always as hard as it seems. The challenge is to overcome the we don't know, we don't understand, and to help each other to see what is possible.

Learning language is one of the most exciting and beautiful things in the world. Although rewarding it's also one of most difficult things to do. What's the most difficult thing when learning a language? Most people would say it's the grammar but we think it's the vocabulary. You can learn grammar for about six months but if you don't know any words then you won't be able say anything. A lot of the software and textbooks available will try to drill sentences into your mind, we believe this is a waste of time. The most powerful way of learning a language is to make your own sentences. Lexi is a game that makes the most difficult thing in learning a language extremely easy. The Lexi Application is divided into themes to help you focus your learning experience. 

We all learn from experience, and the people working at Lexi are all experienced language learners and educators. You can do it too, so join us and use a simple method of combining words and pictures and easy approach to practice that will guarantee you language learning success. Try Lexi and discover the power of words.